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Located in Shenton Park & Hillarys

Little Land

Have you heard of Little Land? It is Perth’s newest play space that offers a scaled down version of the real world inspiring your child to learn through role-play. From shopping at the Little Growers Market, making a coffee at the local cafe, washing the dishes at home, teaching, visiting the doctor or helping with the town’s construction – the fun is in the exploring!

Our very own Emily Bruining, Occupational Therapist, and Nicole Pates, paediatric physiotherapist, headed down to Little Land before the opening to check it out and boy were they impressed. Emily even spoke to Today Tonight  on why Little Land is so amazing for facilitating pretend play (check it out below)

Pretend play is an enormously important part of early childhood in the development of communication skills, problem solving and flexibility in social situations. Its also develops imaginative and creative skills and can build confidence by encouraging friendship through cooperation, listening and taking turns.

Each play stall area has been designed for children up to 8 years of age in consultation with parents, early childhood educators, paediatric occupational therapists and speech pathologists.

There is also a very Little Land with sensory toys and a few role-play dress ups designed to provide interest and stimulation for the littlest people.

Chevon, the lovely lady behind Little Land, has worked so hard to build an amazing resource for our parents of Perth and with a cafe next door with delicious coffee, well it will be hard to get the parents and kids to leave!

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