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FREE Contrast Cards!

free contrast cards

Why are contrast cards helpful for your new born baby?

This set of FREE contrast cards have been designed keeping in mind that your bubs vision capabilities.

At the beginning, your brand spanking new baby loves looking at things that are contrasting black and white, but very soon after, red in the mix is also a hit. Your baby also loves patterns with high contrast.

Your baby is so clever! They can see about a ruler’s distance away. They can  follow appealing objects or move their eyes from one object to another if they are within a rulers length. Your beautiful baby can even discriminate shapes and choose which one they like best!

To start with, baby might not stare for very long, maybe a few seconds at a time. But after only a week, with practice looking at appealing things, like these contrast cards or your face, they can focus for over a minute.

Remember, it might take a bit of time for your baby to realise there is something to look at, so be patient and persistent.

These cards have different patterns, circles are easiest for your baby to focus on and faces are very appealing. Try a couple at a time and notice which one your baby likes to look at. As they get older try the more complex patterns.

I would love to hear & see how your baby enjoys using these cards, so please share with me on Instagram @nicole_kidsphysio

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