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9 Ways to Use A Scooter Board

Scooter boards are widely used by physiotherapists and occupational therapists in our clinic because well, they get kids and teens strong and they’re wheely good fun!


Here’s 9 ways to use a scooter board!


  1. Arm pulls on your tummy – like a penguin on ice.
  2. Kneeling pulls – like a Surf Life Saver paddling.
  3. Sitting heel pulls – great for the hamstring muscles in the legs!
  4. Cross-legged pulls – for those hard-core yogi’s out there.
  5. Backward cross-legged pushes – for those backward Yogi’s out there. They call them igoYs, I think.
  6. Lying heel pulls – great for the bottom muscles!
  7. Commando crawl – on your forearms (medium level) or on your hands (expert level).
  8. Superman or Captain Marvel style – hold on tight!
  9. Rockets – how far can you blast?

Let’s break down the benefits:

Building upper body strength from the shoulders down to the fingers helps with activities that require kids to use their hands. A strong shoulder allows a stable base for strength down in the hands. For example, helping with activities of fine control like writing, painting or using cutlery.

Building lower body strength at the hips, knees and ankles helps with tasks like walking up hills, running, jumping and even with sports injury prevention.

When sitting, lifting their arms or legs off the board it works the core muscles – the muscles of the tummy and back. This can build ability to sit upright for longer and keeping the body straight when swimming.

An added bonus is they’re affordable. If you do a quick search online – you’ll see them in the shops for around $16.00.

The best part is… it’s loads of fun! If you bring two scooter boards together – races and relays are a brilliant way of engaging those competitive kids (and big kids) out there. A little bit of sibling or parent-to-kid competition goes a long way.


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