Meet Our Team

Western Kids Health is a health community designed for babies, kids and teens. It is a dynamic, collaborative and custom environment specifically for children and their families.
N Pates Headshot
Nicole Pates
Director & Paediatric Physiotherapist

A Better Way

As a paediatric physiotherapist and mother, Western Kids Health founder Nicole Pates, knew there was a better way to deliver private health care to the children of Western Australia.

Parents commented time and time again how frustrating it was to drive all over Perth to see a multitude of health professionals. How confusing it was to receive conflicting messages. How at 5 years old their child may have difficulty learning handwriting, at 9 years suffer an injury and ongoing pain and at 15 years need assistance with mental wellbeing. But for each need, a new place, a new face. Nicole envisioned a community where health professionals worked together, for children to develop a connection with, that grew with their needs.

Western Kids Health is a health community designed specifically for babies, kids and teens. It is a dynamic, collaborative and custom environment designed specifically for children and families.

All of our staff work together and have significant experience and knowledge in childhood physical, emotional and cognitive development. Our mission is to empower families through health education. Through an evidence-based, fun, individualised approach we help your child reach their potential.

Tiffany Edwards
Senior Occupational Therapist
Anita Smith
Clinical Psychologist
Emily Bruining
Occupational Therapist
Michelle Quinn
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Kids OT Perth
Hannah Fairburn
Occupational Therapist
Erin Butler
Early Intervention Physiotherapist
Alison Climie-Holmes
Accredited Practising Dietician
Rowan Pearce

Our Vision

To provide high quality, evidence-based holistic care to children and their families.
To advocate for children and families in the school, community and health environment.
To provide respect, understanding and support to our patients, their families and the wider community.
To create an environment that is fun and engaging for babies, children and teens

Our Mission

Western Kids Health aims to provide accessible and comprehensive care in a friendly, dynamic and professional multi-disciplinary setting. We aim to promote self-efficacy and well-being through health education and management in partnership with families.