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The most innovative and effective protection for your ankles

This week we were introduced to the EXO-L by Trent Mitton – Australian field hockey player and ambassador for Brace for Innovation
The EXO-L is a customised 3D printed ankle brace that allows freedom of movement while resisting certain movements for people experiencing repeated ankle sprains. Originating in Holland they are becoming quite well known on the sporting field. We also thought they may be of great benefit to our for our patients with ankle instability such as those with ehlers danlos syndrome or hypermobility spectrum disorder.
One of our favourite things about these braces is they did not at all restrict ankle movement or function!
Check our the videos to see Nicole and Rowan well and truly putting them to the test 😬🙏
Contact us if you have questions or to determine individual suitability.
We have also added the Brace for Innovation EXO-L information video youtube link – check it out.

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