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Located in Shenton Park & Hillarys

NDIS Services

Western Kids Health can provide support to plan managed and self managed NDIS participants who wish to access our services.

NDIS Services at Western Kids Health

Western Kids Health has intensive block therapy programs available to support your child’s function and participation.

These programs are detailed under each particular clinic (see below).

Currently, there may be waitlists in place due to therapist capacity.

Although Western Kids Health is not a registered NDIS service provider, we are able to assist families with self managed or plan managed funding, within our scope of practice.


What is “scope of practice” ?

Scope of practice is the rules, regulations and boundaries within which a therapist with substantial and appropriate training, knowledge and experience may practice in.

At Western Kids Health, our scope of practice across our multidisciplinary team is defined by our Clinics; Early Intervention, Feeding, School Aged Services, Mental Health, Complex Care and Orthopaedics & Parasports.

To understand how we can support your child please visit our individual clinic pages under our Services

Our NDIS Model of Care

We have 2 streams of service delivery;

  • When your primary services are accessed elsewhere and you would like a consultation (annually, biannually or quarterly)  For example; rural families needing guidance for their local supports 
  • Families may be accessing PITS
  • Includes: consultation and recommendations, liaising with external providers, progress report as requested by primary provider
  • Does not include: full NDIS reporting
  • When a short, intensive block of therapy is provided by one or more of our therapists in adjunct to the support you are accessing from your primary provider
  • Families may be accessing PITS
  • Includes; Therapy blocks (term based OR school holidays), liaising with external providers, progress report upon therapy block completion up to 12 weeks per calendar
  • You can see our available intensive programs at the bottom of each Clinic information page (below)
  • Does not include: full NDIS reporting

Interested in accessing our services?

Understand our Clinics and the intensive blocks available for children utilising NDIS funding. Online enquiry forms for NDIS services can be found next to the listed intensive programs.


Early Intervention Clinic
Supporting the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children under 4 years old
School Aged Services Clinic
Supporting the development and participation of children in kindergarten, primary and high school.
Feeding Clinic
Supporting families through stressful mealtimes, helping children enjoy food , gain confidence and feel more comfortable around new food.
Mental Health Clinic
Improving the mental health and quality of life of children, adolescents, and young adults
Complex Care Clinic
Caring for children with complex medical conditions such as pain, fatigue, FND, HSD, hEDS, & skeletal dysplasias.
Orthopaedic & Parasports Clinic
Helping kids & teens with pain, injury, surgery or disability achieve their goals for to be active and participate in sports
Gender Diversity Clinic
Improving the mental health and quality of life of trans and gender diverse children, adolescents, and young adults through carefully considered, individualised care

Our senior management team will review your appointment enquiry at our intake meeting

Please complete the following services request form and send your family NDIS goals and diagnostic reports to [email protected]


Our senior clinical team will review your application and requested intensives. This intake occurs on a monthly basis. After which you will be contacted within 5 business days to discuss your application for services, availability and any waiting periods

Our Intensive stream has a waitlist, due to therapist scope of practice and capacity. .

Home & school visiting availability are dependent on therapist capacity and cannot be guaranteed