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Located in Shenton Park & Hillarys

What We Offer

Western Kids Health offers expert, holistic care to children who require Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychological and Dietetic services.
Our Physiotherapists are movement experts for babies, children and adolescents. They have significant knowledge in gross motor development and understand the interaction of bio-mechanics, growth, development and function.
Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy uses a variety of strategies to help people engage in meaningful life occupations. Our OTs facilitate development, increase independence, enhance skills and promote participation in your child's day to day activities.
Counselling and clinical intervention, with the understanding every child and family is unique
Our Dietitian understands how children’s bodies work and how the food and drinks consumed help to nourish both healthy individuals and those with medical conditions.
Speech Pathology
Swallowing, speaking, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, literacy and using voice
Yoga has many benefits for children and teenagers. Research points to its many health benefits, including increased strength and flexibility, mental peace and reduced stress.
Western Kids Health is not a registered NDIS provider. Please download the information pack for our NDIS Model of Care here.


Western Kids Health offers expert, holistic care to children who require Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychological and Dietetic services, along with Yoga, Art and Hydrotherapy classes.

Our service is designed to optimise the benefit to your child; appointment times are longer, we include siblings and family members and our therapists tailor treatment to your child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. Head to each services page to see the types of appointments and programs we offer.


Our therapists are committed to continuing professional development which enables them to assist with a wide range of paediatric conditions. A consultation with one of our therapists consists of an individually tailored assessment, treatment strategies to address your child’s needs, along with a written or mobile app program to take home.

Individual Services

1. Clinic visit
  • with one health professional
  • with two health professionals, i.e. Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy or Psychology and Physiotherapy
3. School / Community visit
  • please note an in-clinic assessment may be required prior to virtual consults
5. Motor Milestone Check Up 0-18 months (Physiotherapy only)

Every child will receive a formal assessment during the initial 1-2 visits with each needed discipline. You may only need to see one type of health professional or you may need assistance from a few. Initial assessments take about an hour. Please bring any test or investigation results to your child’s appointment. If attending a physiotherapy appointment, wearing loose, comfortable clothing is also advised.

Following the assessment, results will be provided and a treatment plan will be designed to meet the individual needs of the child and his or her family. Assessment and treatment are based on evidence-based practice. The needs of your child and appropriate treatment are established together between the treating therapist and yourself. Treatments will vary from direct therapy blocks to consultations and home program suggestions.