Whirly Squigz

Whirly Squigz – 2018

  • Set of 3 colorful silicone spinners
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory exploration, cause-effect learning
  • A mesmerizing experience for the hands and eyes
  • Spinners made of 100% high quality, food-grade silicone – Perfect for teething
  • Each features a suction cup on one side, swirl-textured dome on the other
  • Sticks to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface
  • Spin wonderfully smooth and fast
  • Bearings made of high quality plastic – Won’t rust or degrade in the tub
  • Includes 3 Whirly Squigz – One with 2 petals, one with 3, and one with 4
  • BPA-Free, fully safety tested
  • High-quality design and materials – Lasting durability and safety

What we say...

These 100% high-quality silicone spinners stick to so many different surfaces making them the perfect movement motivators from babies to preschoolers! We use them in clinic to encourage rolling, cruising, walking, for working with toe walkers and kiddos needing to develop the strength, visual perception skills, hand eye coordination and reaction time. They also make great mouthing toys!