Tummy Time Mirror

The Mikro Tummy Time mirror is a timeless gift for baby. It has been purposefully designed to angle low in order to catch playful smirks and chunky cheeked reflections. An acrylic embedded mirror has been used as babies safety is of the utmost importance. A foldable stand enables the mirror to be propped up or laid down and placed under babies chin. For babies who cry in protest every time they’re placed belly-down, propping a safe mirror in front of them may catch and hold their interest for tear-free tummy time.

What we say...

Tummy time floor mirrors such as this beautifully designed mirror from Mikro make tummy time more fun and help your bub to develop self-awareness and nurtures their social-emotional development. Great for:

  • tummy time
  • visual tracking
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • attention span
  • sense of self
  • language and emotional skills.