Light Up Magic Ball Toy Wand

About this item

  • MESMERIZING GOODNESS: Keep your kiddo enthralled and engaged with a kaleidoscope of color! They will love this 7.5” magic ball wand that produces a mesmerizing spinning light show and engulfs any room in eye-catching hues. A recipe for hours of excited fun.
  • READY TO GO: No need to hunt around the house for batteries. This flashing toy wand for kids comes with 3 x AA batteries already installed. And getting the multi-color fun going couldn’t be simpler. Just push a button and watch the LEDs do their thing.

What WE SAY...

These wands are a favourite of ours for babies to help motivate movement such as reaching, crawling, rolling and walking. We use bubble wands on the regular but these are a tad less messy.

For older kiddos we love the language, imaginative play and social interaction that comes with using these wands.