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Reflux Guide

Having a baby with reflux is difficult and, at times, distressing. This guide offers different positions, play and equipment to allow your baby to engage with, and explore their environment.
reflux positioning & play for a “spewy” baby
This detailed guide has been developed by paediatric physiotherapists to assist parents of babies with reflux engage in purposeful play.

Developed by paediatric physiotherapists, ideal for babies under 4 months, our 18-page guide will reassure and teach parents how to stretch and strengthen their baby’s muscles through play positions… without relying solely on the bouncer and without making their reflux worse.

Our comprehensive guide to Reflux Positioning & Play for a “Spewy” Baby includes:

  • What is Reflux exactly?
  • The difference between Reflux and Colic
  • When to see your doctor
  • How physio can help with reflux
  • Helpful positions for feeding, burping, carrying and tummy time
  • Suggested play routine for babies with reflux
  • Equipment with links for more information and where to purchase
  • BONUS Tips for dealing with reflux