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Kids Level Up

Kids Level Up

Is your child aged between 8 and 12? Have they had a tricky time lately due to persistent pain or fatigue? Have they missed some school? Not been able to participate in sport? Or do they have a chronic condition and need some assistance developing self-management strategies?

Then our Kids Level Up program is where its at.

Designed and run by OT and Physio this program will help children achieve their goals, improve physical conditioning and develop life skills to improve resilience. This program is tailored to children aged 8-12 years and follows a video game type format, allowing your child to “Level Up”.

Our Occupational and Physiotherapy team developed this program to:

  • Improve physical conditioning
  • Assist in developing stress management strategies
  • Facilitate goal setting and pacing
  • Tackle sleep concerns
  • Improve communication with friends, family and school
  • Develop support networks
  • Develop a plan for when things aren’t going so well

This program runs in term and during school holidays as required. Please contact our administration team for more information.

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