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Growing Pains

Some of the most common growth related injuries are joint apophysitis – including knee pain (Osgood-Schlatters or Sinding-Larsen-Johansen) and heel pain (Sever’s). Although these conditions are self-limiting, Physiotherapy aims to maximise participation and reduce the impact and severity of pain by:

  • providing advice in regards to activity levels
  • teaching treatment techniques that can be implemented at home
  • using therapy techniques such as taping, massage or dry needling
  • prescribing in-shoe orthosis or referral to a podiatrist
  • prescribing exercises that exercise aim to correct muscle strength imbalances

Some children experience “growing pains” during stages of their development. Whilst the underlying cause of “growing pains” continues to be debated there is no denying the condition exists and the impact it can have on children and families is significant. Often some simple strategies can be implemented at home and advice in regards to activity can reduce the impact of these pains. Strengthening exercises can also help to address any underlying weaknesses and imbalances present in the muscular system.