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Western Kids Health is now recognized by Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI) and joins a network of clinics around the world offering evidence-based concussion care. From initial pre-season multimodal baseline testing to concussion treatment and rehabilitation, our partnered CCMI practitioners collaborate with primary care physicians to co-manage concussions, helping patients and athletes safely Return to Learn, Work and Play.

Involved in Sport? Learn Your Role in Concussion Care

How Complete Concussion Management Works

Through collaboration between trained healthcare practitioners, educated coaches and trainers, and informed parents and athletes, the Complete Concussion Management system educates and empowers all those involved in sport to recognise concussions, and take the necessary steps to help an athlete safely return to sport.

Complete Concussion Management™ is a concussion research company that educates healthcare practitioners on cutting-edge concussion therapies and management strategies based on the most current medical research so that they may provide the highest quality of concussion treatment and follow-up.

Certified Complete Concussion Management™ practitioners are continuously updated on current research and treatments in order to manage these injuries properly and safely to ensure adequate recovery, thereby limiting the risk of further injury and long-term brain damage.

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a brain injury caused by acceleration or deceleration of the brain within the skull following a significant impact to the head or elsewhere on the body. The impact causes a biochemical imbalance within the brain cells, resulting in decreased blood flow and temporary energy deficits within the brain. Symptoms may include loss of consciousness, headache, pressure in the head, neck pain, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, or balance problems, among others.

We are CCMI Certified

Our CCMI Certified Specific Concussion Management Services include:

  • Post-injury diagnosis and injury management
  • Concussion rehabilitation for Post-Concussion Syndrome
  • Coach & trainer education and certification programs (online)
  • Concussion Tracker Smartphone application
How We
Treat Concussion

Our Physiotherapists will provide your child with an individualised treatment plan to best match their needs.  Education for both short-term management as well a return to school and sport plan, is an integral and continuous part of concussion management. Treatment includes:

  • Manual therapy and soft tissue release techniques for the neck and spine
  • Stretching and strengthening program
  • Cardiovascular and endurance training
  • Visual coordination exercises
  • Balance and postural retraining
  • Vestibular rehabilitation

Watch how concussion is treated

Concussions can be scary!  Not only are parents worried about their child, there are also pressing issues of whether and when to return to school, sport, screen time, and what to tell the coach. Our physiotherapists have a vast experience in managing concussions having worked across amateur and elite sporting codes and together with schools and sports doctors.  Our Physios will incorporate your child’s interests and activities to make rehab sports specific and FUN!

Multimodal baseline testing is a series of physical and cognitive tests that provides a pre-injury overview of healthy brain function. These tests can offer healthcare practitioners with an objective benchmark on which to compare should a patient sustain a concussion.

As concussion symptoms often disappear days to weeks before the brain has recovered, having valuable baseline information may help practitioners to make safer return to play decisions.

Watch how baseline testing works

Patients can view baseline test results, find recognised CCMI clinics, learn recovery tips and receive prescribed rehab exercises through the free Concussion Tracker App. Coaches, trainers and teachers can administer an assessment of a suspected concussion, report the injury into a CCMI clinic, and track patient recovery.

The app supports safe return to learn, work and play by allowing for seamless communication between sports teams, schools, parents and healthcare practitioners.