Newborn Webinar & Play Guide

Right from the very beginning, the way you hold, carry and play with your baby can have a positive impact on their motor development.
Newborn Movement
with BONUS Play Guide
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Are you a Mum or Dad to a brand new baby? Or expecting your arrival soon? Then this webinar is for you!
Led by paediatric physiotherapist Nicole Pates, this 45 minute instructional video will help answer your most common questions about newborn movement. You’ll walk away with the skills to confidently support your baby’s motor development from the very beginning.


Learn how to give your baby the developmental headstart they deserve with advice from an experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist.

This webinar will help to answer questions like:

  • When do I start tummy time?
  • Best tummy time techniques
  • How long should my baby do tummy time?
  • Help! My baby hates tummy time, why?!
  • What other ways can I hold, carry and play with my baby?
  • How do I play with a newborn?

Understand what causes plagiocephaly (a flat head) and how to prevent it from occurring.

As an added bonus, you will receive a copy of our Newborn Play Guide completely FREE! Developed by our paediatric physiotherapists with input from speech and occupational therapists, it includes:

  • Knowing when your baby is ready to play and when they’ve had enough
  • 10 Play Activities loaded with explanations, images and ideas
  • How to test whether your baby has a head preference
  • When to be concerned and seek help for developmental delays
Webinar Terms
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  • All material is the intellectual property of Western Kids Health and is for personal use only by the purchaser of the webinar. It is not to be shared or copied in anyway without prior written permission.
  • This webinar does not constitute medical advice. Certain medical conditions may disrupt motor development and need to be assessed and managed individually by a health professional. Please talk to your GP / Paediatrician / Paediatric physiotherapist to ascertain whether the strategies in this webinar are suitable for your baby.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither Western Kids Health nor any of its employees, agents, representatives or contractors will be held liable for any loss, damage, injury, liability, cost or expense of any nature in connection with the webinar.