reflux positioning & play for a “spewy” baby
This detailed guide has been developed by paediatric physiotherapists to assist parents of babies with reflux engage in purposeful play.

Developed by paediatric physiotherapists, our 18-page guide will reassure and teach parents how to stretch and strengthen their baby’s muscles with unrestricted play… without making their reflux worse.

Our comprehensive guide to Reflux Positioning & Play for a “Spewy” Baby includes:

  • What is Reflux exactly?
  • The difference between Reflux and Colic
  • When to see your doctor
  • How physio can help with reflux
  • Helpful positions for feeding, burping, carrying and tummy time
  • Suggested play routine for babies with reflux
  • Equipment with links for more information and where to purchase
  • BONUS Tips for dealing with reflux