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COVID-19 Resources

Information for parents and carers to navigate, support and communicate with their child during the Coronavirus lockdown.

How is WKH helping?

Telehealth Appointments

We believe that parents and children still need access to quality care through these troubling times and are fully equipped to connect through online Telehealth appointments.

We provide expert assessment and management of babies, children and adolescents requiring physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics and psychology input, in both individual and group online settings.

Face-to-Face Appointments

Western Kids Health is still open for urgent and essential face-to-face appointments, on a case-by-case basis. For in-person appointments we have strict measures in place (based on the Department of Health recommendations) to ensure patient safety.

New Hours

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Keeping Active

Talking COVID-19

Eating Well

Contrary to some of what has been circulating the internet these past few weeks, there is no specific supplement, food or diet that will improve your immunity to COVID-19. This is another reminder to please be mindful about which sources you are getting your health advice from.

While it is not possible to “boost” our immunity, we can support our immune system by eating a range of healthy foods. There are many different processes that your immune system uses to fight off an infection.

To do this, it calls on a wide range of different nutrients, which is why focusing on upping your intake of just one or two nutrients (Vitamin C, Zinc..) is not helpful. The best way to ensure you are getting enough nutrients for your body is to eat a large range of foods that contain vitamins and minerals. This means a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, diary and wholegrains.


What about supplements?

Supplements are not necessary for most people and will not give you “an edge” when fighting off infection.

There is currently no evidence that taking supplements will protect you from COVID-19. People who benefit from supplements are those who for whatever reason cannot eat, absorb or utilise enough of a particular nutrient and as a result have a nutrient deficiency. For most of us, we can get enough nutrients from the food in our diet.

If you are worried about whether your diet contains adequate nutrition, chat to your GP or an accredited practicing dietitian.

Routine & Socialising

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