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Patient K

Once K overcame his initial reluctance he found the experience positive. He did engage with the physio and other participants. His feedback was that this was a good method of delivery. I heard him using the other participants’ names (which is a skill he is working on) and engaging in the games. The Telehealth format is a great tool to have and K found he could engage fully. He had no issues with the exercise technique demonstration. As in face-to-face, questions can be asked and answered with the physical demonstrations required. It was also encouraging that all levels were catered for and further challenges set. K found the process clear and did not have any issues with directions. This is a great platform for kids to engage in group classes and keep some sort of socialisation, along with the benefits of physiotherapy, while adhering to social distancing rules.

Patient J

Due to the current situation, our last appointment was via telehealth. I am so grateful for this service. J is continually changing and so do his therapy needs. Our therapist was able to suggest new exercises and demonstrate with her doll. I was then able to practise with J and receive feedback. During the appointment, I could also chat with the therapist about J’s progress while he took little rest breaks. After the appointment I received a follow up email with links to equipment we needed and additional information about the exercises to practise at home. Although face-to-face appointments are a little bit easier, telehealth allows us to continue with J’s therapy at a crucial time in his development.

Client M

I attended the online yoga class. I found the experience really good, it was almost as good as in-person. A good thing was being able to see myself on the screen so I could check if things were straight, in alignment etc, which was helpful.