Developmental Toy Guide 0-12 Months

Developmental Toy guide

0 – 12 months

I have many requests from parents and relatives for the best toys at certain ages. However there are a lot of toys on the market, which can make choosing one for your beautiful bub overwhelming. Will they like it? What is it meant to do? How does a baby play?

I am not a toy critic

Rather than telling you to buy this toy or that toy, I want to give you the gift of understanding why!

Why certain toys are better at different ages OR stages. So next time you step into Kmart, a boutique store or an Op-shop you are not overwhelmed by it ALL. You know exactly what you are looking for, what might work for your child. I mean I cannot guarantee success – every baby is unique in their personality and development. But this guide combined with knowing your child will give you a better chance at picking something that hold baby’s interest for more than 60 seconds.


This developmental toy guide is not a gift catalogue.

For each section I will showcase some beautiful toys from Australian retailers and small businesses.

Discount codes

Even in this tricky time, the year of 2020, when many businesses are struggling – some of the businesses feature in my guide have offered a discount code for the month of November (some on the products features in the guide, some store storewide):

Eco Kinder Australia – 10% off code: NICOLE_KIDSPHYSIO

Little Big Learning – free shipping code: NICOLE_KIDSPHYSIO

Rudie Nudie Play Mats -10% off code: NICOLE_KIDSPHYSIO

Geez Wooden Toys – 20% off code: NOVEMBERGUIDE

Little Design Shed – 15% off code: CLAIRE15

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Kidz Inc Australia –  10% off select products code: NICOLE_KIDSPHYSIO

Sarah-Jane Collection – 10% off code: NICOLE_KIDSPHYSIO

Maltee Small Wooden Toys – 15% off code: XMAS2020

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